Final Conference, EASeR Project


Final Conference in Rome (IT), organised by CNVVF and Timesis, is going to be held on 16th January 2020 and it will close the project

2020-01-16 09:00
Roma, Istituto Superiore Antincendi
NOME PROGETTO: Enhancing Assessment in Search and Rescue

Materiale Evento

Title Autore materiale Body File materiale
Final conference, EASER Project - D'Anna Ugo D'Anna, Monia D'Amico, Fabrizio Graverini 1-DAnna-DAmico-Graverini.pdf
Final Conference, EASeR Project - Romano, Milano Giuseppe Romano, Paola Milano

BELICE: Building Experience to Lead Initial assesment Challenging Emergency

Final conference, EASER Project - Milano, Mori Paola Milano, Massimiliano Mori 2-Milano-Mori-Results.pdf
Final Conference, EASeR Project Vigilfuoco evento easer 16.01.2020.pdf