Results of H2020 STORM project in the assessment of damage to cultural heritage buildings following seismic events


The Corpo Nazionale dei Vigili del fuoco Italian (Italian Fire and Rescue Services) provides the emergency verification of the static safety of buildings in urgent technical assistance and calamities. This activity also concerns cultural heritage and was the subject of a research and development project funded by the European Commission in the Horizon 2020 program. This project (STORM) made it possible to verify, with a positive outcome, the possibility of using Lidar technologies to support safety assessments in emergency conditions.

AUTORI: S.Marsella, D.Pozzi, L. Palestini, M. Marzoli
DATA DOCUMENTO: 04/07/2020
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PROGETTO DOCUMENTO: Safeguarding cultural heritage through Technical and Organisational Resources Management
PAROLE CHIAVE DOCUMENTO: cultural heritage