How EU Funded Research Projects have improved Covid19 Resilience of Rescue and Emergency Control Rooms


The Italian National Fire and Rescue Services (CNVVF) has been participating since 2006 to EU research projects aimed at improving rescue services through the design, development and implementation of enhanced capacity for data exchange. The most important result of such projects is the possibility to manage complex and large-scale emergencies using interoperability platform. Such solution is based mainly on the CAP standard, that has been adopted by the CNVVF from 2008. A side effect of such efforts is the added value of resilience against the Covid19 pandemic that the interoperability platforms and the adoption of a common data exchange standard can mean in terms of protection of the operators and continuity of rescue services in complex emergencies.

AUTORI: S.Marsella, R. Setola, D.Pozzi, M. Marzoli
DATA DOCUMENTO: 11/05/2020
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PROGETTO DOCUMENTO: An INtegrated next generation PREParedness programme for improving effective inter-organisational response capacity in complex environments of disasters and causes of crises