Recommendations for harmonization & standardization


This document provides information on the technical standards adopted in
IDIRA. Several meetings and evaluation events have been held during the
project, whose results have been used to identify and collect a list of gaps and
areas of potential improvements, to be used for providing recommendations in
the standardisation and harmonisation fields. These recommendations are listed
in the present document, too. While the project was running, WP7 partners have
participated to different meetings and activities focused on standardisation
topics: these activities are reported in a dedicated section of the deliverable.
Collected list of recommendations will be considered by project’s partners for
further discussions during future events and activities focused on
standardisation and harmonisation: some of these events, already planned, are
reported in the same section of the deliverable. The adopted approach to
interoperability, strongly focused on the use of standards for information
exchange, led to the definition of an interoperability model which was at the
basis of the IDIRA MICS architecture design. Step-by-step guidelines for the
adaption of existing systems following these model, allowing them to
interoperate through the IDIRA MICS or, in general, between each other, are
provided in the last section of the deliverable.

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