2nd International Fire Safety Symposium 2017 (IFireSS2017)


The paper presented has dealt with the possibility of using Fire Safety Engineering approach to limit damages to Cultural Heritage due to climate change. In particular, it has pointed out that he EU H2020 research project STORM is aimed at improving the safety of cultural heritage against the hazards deriving from climatic changes. Damages caused directly by forest fires or by fires fostered by heat waves will be more frequent in the future. The corresponding risks will have o be addressed with appropriate tools and fire safety engineering approach is the best tool to combine safety needs with those of economic and organisational efficiency nature. Increasing average air temperatures and moisture will change the fire spread, both in confined environments and in non- confined scenarios. This new situation will bring also to the need of integrating the outcomes of forest fires simulation tools with the input data of the classic fire safety engineering models.

According to the Authors, Fire safety engineering approach will allow also to define the appropriate combination of human resources, training activities and physical features needed in the future scenarios in managing emergency, helping to define the most cost-effective solutions.

2017-06-07 09:00
NOME PROGETTO: Safeguarding cultural heritage through Technical and Organisational Resources Management

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