Meeting with Joint Research Center-Ispra - Crisis Management Laboratory


On 11 and 12 October 2016, Stefano Marsella has joined the meeting on “social media and crisis management”, organized by the Ispra European Crisis Management Laboratory of the EU’s Joint Research Center. During a side meeting of the event he has discussed with Mr Alessandro Annunziato and Mr Daniele Galliano of the JRC the outcomes of the use of the application FRT (field reporting tool). The FRT tool, has been used (and at the time of the meeting was under test by some CNVVF operatives on the Central Italy 24th august earthquake scenario. It is an application that allows CNVVF control rooms to collect georeferenced pictures, video and audio comments of the firefighters operating on the disaster scenario. The contribution that operatives send from the field improve the awareness of the situation and, for the STORM purposes, allow rescue bodies to take more accurate decisions on what is needed to establish safety conditions. The meeting has allowed to inform the JRC officials about the extremely highly satisfaction level recorded and, consequently, defining possible strategies to test it on a wider basis.

2016-10-11 09:00
Ispra (Varese)
NOME PROGETTO: Safeguarding cultural heritage through Technical and Organisational Resources Management

Picture of the event on “social media and crisis management” of 11th and 12th October, 2016. In a side meeting of the meeting the STORM project has been discussed in order to possibility of using the app FRT during emergency activities on cultural heritage

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