Using Google Glass in Crises & Disaster Managment


In Q1-2014 Frequentis; Corporate Research was in the fortunate position to get hold on one of the first Google Glass (Glass)1 Explorer Editions available in Austria. At the time of this writing (Q4- 2014), Glass starts to become publicly available. Looking for alternate user interfaces to make users life easier, products like Microsoft Kinect2 where already evaluated in the past. With the availability of Glass we continued our exploration in order to find areas where the usage of Glass can provide benefits for users. This document describes the efforts made by us to find use cases for Glass in some of Frequentis; Corporate Research projects in the Crisis & Disaster Management area.

AUTORI: Richard Prinz, Frequentis AG
DATA DOCUMENTO: 09/12/2014
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PROGETTO DOCUMENTO: Advanced Forest Fire Fighting